HEY GUYS! So so sorry it has been forever and a day since I have been on here, as always work and my personal life, in general, can get a bit hectic and busy. In my spare time though, I have finally decided to move forward with my tee shirt or apparel line I should say that I have been DYING to make! You get click here to head right to my store website! I was recently talking about it at work actually, my boss just so happened to recommend this website, click here to check it out! I actually found it to be so helpful, when setting up your storefront, the site actually takes you step by step on how to go about setting up or making your products you would like to sell. For me, I was always set on T-shirts but then I decided to add in Coffee Mugs and even Stickers for fun!


Not That Serious Tee
When I Pinch You Pinch Mug


iMessage Sugar Icone White Swear Crewneck
Sugar Icon Crewneck


Waiting on that Suga Tee

I mainly added items that represent Type 1 or T1D because as you know I MUST show love for my illness no matter what! On my site you will find that when you do make a purchase, 10% of that sale will go to the JDRF helping us get a step closer to finding a cure, buying a cute TEE and helping a good cause it’s a win-win! So please please pretty please click here and check out my BRAND NEW store! Go easy on me I am still learning but I love all of my products so far, as always until next time my loves!


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