Diabetic Chatter is Back! | Q&A

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Hey, my loves! I am back giving you yet another Guest Blogger on my page. I love introducing you all to some of the nicest yet amazing people I have briefly gotten a chance to know via social media but their stories are incredible. So without further a due let me introduce the lovely Malena Padilla. We met via Instagram( be sure to check out her page here). She is also a T1D who just so happens to be really into fitness and staying in shape! Below are her answers to our little Q&A and also a little information about herself be sure to check her out!



“Hey, girl, Just to tell you a little about myself. I am a former D1 collegiate softball athlete at New Mexico State University. Grew up around an athletic family (brother being a former wrestler and now firefighter and both parents being former athletes). I’m 25 on Jan 18th. I love traveling, photography, and fitness. I love to help people learn about fitness and nutrition – it’s a huge passion of mine. My Instagram name is : malenapadillafit.”

Chatter time:

1.) How long have you had diabetes?  5 years. Got it November 7th, 2012


2.) What is the best A1C level you’ve had? 10.5. Now have a Dexcom meter so it’s hopefully going to be a lot better next time I check

3.) Do you use a pump or pens? I use pens. Former pump user through Omnipod and Medtronics

4.) How often do you test? And what is your meter of choice?  2 times a day. Accu-check meter 

5.) For you, what is the hardest part of being a diabetic? The hardest part about being diabetic is managing levels during a workout/after a workout. 

6.) What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to what others think about Diabetes?  BIGGEST pet peeve ever is when I tell someone my blood sugar is high and they tell me they are going to grab me candy! Haha people think “diabetes = always needing sugar”

7.) Who would you say is your biggest support system? My parents, my brother, my best friend and my boyfriend. 

8.) Do you have a favorite diabetic celebrity? if not is there another social media diabetic page you favor?  Nobody specific. I love anybody on social media who flaunts their diabetes! I love someone who is confident enough to express their feelings and knowledge of diabetes. 

9.) How long have you been active in the T1D social media community? About 6 months now! 

10.) Do you find it helpful having friends even online who share the same illness? Yes!!! I have learned so much from people I don’t even know but follow! Everyone is so welcoming to helping you and sharing their knowledge. Most helpful and comforting feeling in the world! 

11.) If there is 1 helpful tip you could share with other diabetics what would that be?  Always check your blood sugars. No matter what device you use or even if you trust it. Always check yourself with a meter! Never trust a device. Also – eat as healthy as you can and make sure you know how much you are eating. Never guess your intake of food. Flaunt your diabetes. Share your stories. Love your disease. Be someone who people can come to and never be scared to ask for help!!

Well I hope you all enjoyed getting to know Malena, we have spoken here and there on Instagram before and she is very helpful with giving tips for diabetes and I have even bothered her about workout tips so do NOT be afraid to ask! As always my loves until next time and be sure to give my friend a follow! xoxo Roo!

4 thoughts on “Diabetic Chatter is Back! | Q&A

  1. My ex boyfriend was type 1 diabetic so I know loads about it and although can’t relate personally, I know what you’re talking about at least! I always admired him for dealing with it because of how careful he had to be and how time consuming it all was. We had a pretty dramatic moment one morning when he started fitting from taking too much insulin the night before. It was always something that was at the forefront of both of our minds xxx

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