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Hey there! So today I am bringing you a new segment I wanted to try, I have seen so many tip posts or suggestions about Guest Blogging. That being writing for another website or to have someone write for your own blog, I decided it was time to try something new and have a little guest of my own. So today, I would love to introduce Aneka Khilnani, she is a fellow T1D, 22 years old and her story is quite interesting, you can check out her Instagram page here.I had gotten the chance to ask her a few questions so that all my other diabetics can get to know her as well, so let’s get into it!


1.) Q: How long have you had diabetes?

A: I’ve had diabetes for 21 years! I was diagnosed just after my 2nd birthday and I’m about to turn 23 years old. I was really blessed that they did catch it given how diabetes type 1 was not that prevalent back then! 

2.) Q: What is the best A1C level you’ve had?
A: Low 6s which actually happened to me in college.  Once I had the drive to do I.T, I.T became easier to read my body and know what I.T needs!!
3.) Q: Do you use a pump or pens?
A: Currently Medtronic 670. Previously I used the animas pump for 8 years and before than pens and shots 


4.) Q: How often do you test? And what is your meter of choice?


A: I test about 10 times per day and I currently use the bayer countour meter. I am a big fan of I.T because even if you don’t put enough blood the first time I.T allows you to go back and add more blood so you don’t waste expensive test strips. Previously I used the one touch meter that matched with the animas and I liked that one from its ability to bolus from the meter so in class or when I was wearing a dress I didn’t have to pull my pump out! 

5.) Q: For you, what is the hardest part of being a diabetic?

A: For me, it’s the psychosocial impact of not knowing what’s next. I work so hard but even with an A1c in the 6s, I don’t know if I’ll face complications? Sometimes it’s even the amazement I feel when I see pregnant Type 1s hoping that I will be able to follow in their footsteps. Other times it’s just when my blood sugars are high and there is good food and I want to eat haha. 


6.) Q: What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to what others think about Diabetes?

A: Sometimes my parents or extended family would ask how I would be able to manage diabetes alone at college or now my upcoming masters so I really wanted to prove to everyone that I could not only manage but manage well. I ended up graduating with summa cum laude, a 3.9 GPA and an A1c in the low 6s.


7.) Q: Who would you say is your biggest support system?

A: Easy! My mom! She goes to every doctor’s appointment, helps me reorder medications, helps in the night if I am very low and worries about me. 


8.) Q: For a career, would you like to do something Diabetes related, if not what would you like to do?

A: Yes I’m hoping to become an endocrinologist! Currently, I’m in a masters of physiology at Georgetown University! And hoping to attend medical school 


9.) Q: How long have you been active in the T1D social media community?

A: Just about a month! To be honest, I’ve always looked around at other diabetic bloggers but never had the courage to put my story out there till recently when I realized I.T would be fun to interact with others and I wanted to explore the social support available online.

10.)Do you find it helpful having friends even online who share the same illness?

A: Yes! Jordan (@jordhoes) was someone I met while in undergrad and she really inspired me online to get the Medtronic 670 and go to automode. I hate change! But she constantly explored how much I.T changed her life positively and also negatively in some ways so I really got to know what I.T would be like to have that pump. In addition, I’m inspired by all the healthy recipes and exercise I see my diabuddies exploring! 

11.) If there is 1 helpful tip you could share with other diabetics what would that be?
A: Always have backup supplies! Being prepared makes everyday way less stressful.
Thank you so much to Aneka for being my guest this week! Your story is so inspiring and it is crazy to think you are one of the first people I now know of who has Diabetes longer than me! Everyone be sure to check out her Instagram page as linked above and her diabuddy Jordan’s page as well. I can not wait to have more guest and maybe even Aneka join us again, as always my loves until next time, xoxo Roo!

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