Week 2 Sugars Recap | Sick Day

Hey guys! I am back with my weekly recap of how my sugars have been for this past week. I also encountered a sick day unfortunately, Friday was a nightmare to say the least! I ended up breaking out into a fever of 102 and having the chills, when my room is normally cold so I knew I had to be really sick. But enough of my being sick story let’s get right into my sugars.

The left photo shows my average blood sugars starting off on Monday and then the right shows you my sugars ending the week yesterday. Like I said this weekend my sugars for the most part stayed pretty leveled. When I am normally getting sick my sugars sky rocket out of control, but thankfully since I have been on top of it thank the lord they were good to me.

Above are my sugars from this weekend and as you can see they for the most part were really good! A few lows and the highest it got up to was 200 but I am still proud myself for staying strong and still continuing to do better with taking care of myself, after all self love is the best love! Sorry for this week being so short well today’s at least, but there is more to come later on this week! Until next time my dolls, xoxo Roo!

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