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Hey there! Today I wanted to share with you all just how well my latest endocrinology appointment went. If you have tuned into my newest YouTube channel vlog, then you would know just had BAD my last endo visit was, I was disappointed in myself and embarrassed to say the least. I will never be able to explain fully why I never use to take proper care of myself but all I can say now is that I AM taking care of myself and for real this time! Now let’s not dwell on just the bad time and let’s get right into all the good that is coming my way.

So like normal I went in about 10 minutes early, hoping maybe my doctor would be a bit quicker than usual…. that did not happen (I still love her though). When I finally got called back into a room, the nurse had taken my vitals and tested my sugar as well as my A1c, which sadly was a 10.6, but that has not gotten me down! The real reason for me telling this part of the visit is because something happened that has NEVER happened for me, well rarely ever when visiting my doctor. My blood sugar was EXACTLY 100!!!!!! I can not explain how excited I was and still am, low key I actually teared up once the nurse walked out, sounds silly, crazy and overly emotional but they were all happy tears because I am finally doing something right and it feels damn GOOD!

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When the doctor finally arrived, she immediately congratulated me on doing such a good job and the best part was she said she knew all along I could do it. Now I don’t know why or how this lady got me to finally get my shit together but I am so glad I chose her as my new doctor I can not say enough good things about her she is amazing! We of course discussed some high and low sugars she saw that she did not like, that being a few weeks ago I actually had a reading of 33, which is scary to say the least I did not even feel that low! But we did change a few things around and since my visit I am happy to report my sugars have constantly stayed in the 100s minus 1 high and 1 low.

Before my appointment was finished, she did go over blood work we had taken 2 weeks ago when she last saw me. We discovered I now have yet another Autoimmune disease, this one is Hashimoto’s. I myself am not sure completely of exactly what this illness entails but I did of course have to do a little research to see what I am working with, if you want to take a peek click here. I know briefly how this illness works only because it runs in my family, my mother happens to have the same illness. Once I left my appointment she was the first person I called. I was not scared I was just curious as to how to handle this further. She recently started a special diet regarding this illness which is why I needed to know right away what I should and shouldn’t be eating any longer! I am not starting a Gluten and Dairy free diet, of course you know I will be documenting for you all along the way how this goes, pray for me! My doctor did say right now it is in Mild form, so the sooner I tackle this the better and I definitely plan on it.

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As always I will be back soon enough with yet another update for all my loyal people! Until next time my loves, xoxo Roo!

3 thoughts on “T1D & New Discoveries

  1. Hey Roo!
    I am a little behind on my email so just saw this post. πŸ™‚ Always a delight to read your posts. Sorry that you have developed Hashimoto’s so early on in your diagnosis. Fortunately, it is controllable and medication for it is cheap πŸ™‚
    I know you were hoping your A1C would be better but now you have something to set your sites on. Get it below 10.6%. And based on your recent trends, it sounds like you will do that. You know they say “Don’t sweat the small things”? In the overall scheme of things your A1C is one of those small things. That is not to say that it is not an important piece of the puzzle, but it is only a snap shot of the past. I think that you would have been really shocked if it came back at 7.6% because you knew that you had not been doing things to justify that number. All it did was reinforce that you were right. Now, when you return in three months, and you have been doing all the things you need to keep your BS within range, THAT number will also verify your hard work. Unfortunately, it is a never ending job of hard work meted out into 3 month work details. That is the life of the diabetic…as well you know.
    Keep up the good work but “Don’t sweat the small things!”
    Tim aka “DiabetesDude”


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