Down with Diabetes|Week 1 Recap

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Hey guys! So if you have checked out my Instagram page, then you know since my appointment on the 28th I have really been trying to do better as far as me actually taking care of my illness goes. I am happy to report my first week since seeing the doctor, there has been quiet a few highs and lows as far as blood sugars go but I am so happy to have a variety to say the least! If you know my story you know I have been absolutely TERRIBLE at maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I would go says without testing or taking any amount of Insulin other than Lantus before bed. Regardless of how I got there I couldn’t be more excited to be getting to a much BETTER place and I feel as though it can only get better from here!

So as promised …. below are pictures from this past weekend just to give you an example as to how exactly I am doing.

Average Blood Sugar trend for that day

One of the things I love about the Omnipod is the more you search and play around with it you find very cool tools to help you keep track! I love this feature because I am able to see that I CAN hit or hit close enough to my target blood sugar. Above it is showing my sugars for 01/04. throughout the day you can see my sugars were either above goal or within. For me that makes me happy only because the Within percent is half way there which means progress is in full effect!


So in this photo, it shows my BG readings from today so far, but it also shows the amount of Bolus and Basal I have received as well as the Carbs I have been eating. As you can see s far I have consistently stayed in the 100’s, yes I know they are high but again this is a huge step for me!


So for now that is all for my Week 1 recap, I do meet with my Endo again tomorrow so I will be back with another Endo Update and lets hope and pray my A1C is not TOO high! As always comment like FOLLOW and share your personal stories with me, until next time xoxo Roo!


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