Sugars Going Crazy!


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Hey guys! So I wanted to check in with you all, giving an update on how my diabetes has been going as of lately. I have been very annoyed and frustrated so I want to kind of give a brief story on my struggles. I want to say for the past 3 days now my sugars have been constantly low every morning! The last time I saw my Endo she had raised my Lantus dosage up to 34 units, she had given me a call at that time I was also experiencing low sugars daily. So she then lowered my does down to 28, however, even with the 28 units now I am once again back to having a low every day!

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Unfortunately, I do not see my Endo until the 28th of this month, so in the meantime, I decided to briefly lower my dose once more and last night I gave myself 26. That resulted in me waking up with a perfect blood sugar of 90. Now I do not recommend just going and changing your dose of insulin, but I have been advised before if needed you could and it clearly was the best decision for me at that time. My doctor also wanted me to not have a snack before bed like I normally would so that itself has probably caused a bit of a shakeup with my sugars, I at least try to have a glass of milk before bed to have something to help keep my sugars up but that is not working!

If any of my readers or fellow bloggers have any good tips are what to have instead of milk that could assist me more I would love to hear about it! I am legit screaming for help at this point, of course, nothing too crazy where it causes my sugars to raise but any help is good help so thank you in advance! Well, that is all for today, I just had to share my crazy past few days, it has been an ongoing wrestling match with these low blood sugars I tell you! Hopefully on to better days, until next time xoxo, Roo!

2 thoughts on “Sugars Going Crazy!

  1. Roo, I’m not a doctor nor a diabetic professional, but I’ve changed my insulin levels all by myself all my life… (T1 for 35 years). Your endo doesn’t live with your body every day. A small slice of bread and butter before you got to bed might help with those morning lows?

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    1. Ah thank you! Yes you are right about that lol I try my best to listen to her obviously but she can’t be there all the time to know lol I will give this a try because even yesterday I woke up low once again since taking better care of myself and every morning it is low so thank you!


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