Insulin Shots Oh My!

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Hey guys! So I always like to come up with more creative and fun post ideas to write for you all and this week I thought why not share some fun facts about the types of insulin or more so what I have used to take my medicine since being diagnosed way back when. Also a brief story as to when I first began actually giving myself my injections.

When I was first diagnosed, I was obviously way too young to be injecting myself with any needle. From what I can remember, my mother was normally the one to help me when I would need a dosage. Starting out, I was put on Humalog and Novolog along with using a simple insulin syringe. Again I was so young it’s all a blur up to a certain age. From what I do remember, shortly after experiencing a second seizure in 2001, I was switched onto just Humalog and from that point on that is the main insulin I use.

Humalog & Lantus Insulin Pens

As for switching to pens, I starting using pens going into High School, when I first started I thought it was so cool how they actually looked like pens, I know I am such a loser! Another fun fact, I am originally from PA, when I moved back to New Jersey I had moved in with my aunt who took me to the nearest hospital for my Endocronolgist appointments. It just so happens my doctor ended up being the same man who first diagnosed me. Even though after a few years with him I ended up seeing a new doctor due to a few differences, I always thought it was so cool I was able to come face to face with the actual doctor who discovered I had diabetes. But back into pens, he put me onto pens and from that point on I was now using a Humalog pen along with a Lantus pen, Lantus is a long-acting insulin that helps keep your sugar under control throughout the night, giving you a good blood sugar reading in the morning!

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Now if you have seen my Youtube channel or have read the previous post I normally tend to mention how I was on the Omni Pod insulin pump up until recently. I started that pump back in 2013, I fell in love with that product because it was SO refreshing to have the machine give your injections for you instead of constantly poking yourself with a needle, it was already on and ready to go! I still till this day really like this product, however for right now my doctor and myself felt it would be best to stick with the pens for the time being until I get back into the swing of things after experiencing yet another DKA back in October. If you have read my posts before you know I really want to get on the Dexcom, which is a CGM(if you are a bit more curious please click here) and I really feel like it would benefit me greatly! Obviously, at that time, I would have to get back on the OmniPod as well which I am not opposed to but as you can tell you never know what my insulin future holds.

My dolls I hope you enjoyed this interesting brief history into my life with all types of insulin. Let’s hope I learn to stick with one kind and one kind only for a very long time! As always until next time my dolls, xoxo Roo!

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2 thoughts on “Insulin Shots Oh My!

  1. Cool post Roo! I like that you got to meet the doc that diagnosed you. My pediatrician snet me for labs and then I went back to the office and his partner told me I was diabetic. He smiled a lot. I never liked any medical profesional, ass a child, who smiled after that. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much! Aw! I do not blame you I would not either lol Now being older I actually LOVE my new Endo so I definitely cannot complian I hope you are also loving you current doctor as well!


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