Christmas Gift Ideas | Diabetic Edition

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Hey, dolls! So in honor of the Christmas holiday coming up, I thought it would be a fun idea to give you guys some ideas as to what a diabetic needs or wants that would make a perfect holiday gift! This may not be the normal way to make a gift post but oh well it’s the Roo way!  I am a big social media person and I have had the pleasure of getting to come across some of the coolest and such cute and stylish diabetes apparel EVER on Instagram! Don’t get me wrong there are other cute diabetic accessories as well that I will let you in on, so let’s get right into it!

1.)  Dead Pancreas Gang Tee


I absolutely love this line! I follow RAFFAEL PURCELL on Instagram, speaking of you most definitely will want to click here and hit that follow button her page is super cute! Back to the line, I need one or not all of these tees desperately, they look super comfy and casual and I also love seeing other diabetics dress one up by adding a cute leather jacket or another trendy accessory. Be sure to check out her shop and blog here, hurry and shop before they sell out!

2.) Casualty Girl Accessories


Yet another Instagram page I have fallen in love with, ShopCasualtyGirl, I am mad at myself I didn’t come up with this idea, it’s super cute and so helpful for us diabetics who need something to keep our purses somewhat organized with all this extra luggage we have to carry around! If you’re looking for an organizing gift definitely click here and head to their page!

3.) Pretty-Betes Box


Okay so this is a subscription box so I know that might seem like a weird gift but, I can’t help but think of gifting this to another diabetic who could use it or even giving others a gift idea for me! I love the whole idea of such a helpful but unique idea, go over here to get more details on this amazing product! Also get out their Instagram page here!

4.) FRIO Insulin Cooler Wallet


So this one I feel like is a really really thoughtful gift! For us diabetics it’s so hard at times to keep our insulin pen or vials at the correct temperature, especially during the summer when it’s blazing hot outside! Head over to their site now and get it while you can!

These are just a few ideas, again I am sure there are other good gift ideas out there but the ones I picked were my absolute favs! As always my dolls please please comment below or shoot me an email with your thoughts on my post or your own gift ideas you think I should try, until next time my loves, xoxo Roo!

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