Badass of the Week | BADASS DIABETIC LLC



Hey guys! So this past week I was chosen as Badass of the Week thanks to the one and only BADASS DIABETIC LLC, you can check out their site here! I am so excited to have been named such a cool title, being a type 1 diabetic is never easy but having such an amazing community where we recognize or support one another is amazing! I recently reached out to this company to become a Brand Ambassador solely because I love what they stand for! Not only do they help spread awareness for Diabetes but there slogan being “living BIG, BOLD AND BADASS!” really stands out to me, why live this life with diabetes in a sad way while we can continue spreading the word and be the badasses we know we can be!

Be sure to check them out as well as their Instagram, you will not be disappointed! As always my dolls until next time, xoxo Roo!

2 thoughts on “Badass of the Week | BADASS DIABETIC LLC

  1. Hey Roo!
    Sorry this is late – but just wanted to say congratulations on being recognized as the Bad Ass that you are! You get it! It has been my contention, especially this last year or two, that we are preaching to the choir. We need to be more vocal out in gen pop. Proud and Loud! Keep shouting from the rooftops!
    aka DiabetesDude

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