Down with Diabetes Vlog

Hey there! Good morning my dolls, so I finally am vlogging more about my diabetes, I went through a rough morning with my sugars yesterday and automatically felt I should share right away with you all. I love hearing your advice or any comments because they are very helpful. Yes, I have had this illness FOREVER but I always need some kind of advice or tips that could help me down the line.

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In this week’s vlog,  as I stated before I had a ROUGH morning, my sugars were not being very nice yesterday. As many of my diabetics know, it’s SO hard to take in drink after drink on top of keeping track of your sugars. I have a hard time controlling my alcohol intake and comparing that to how much insulin I need. I decided to share this because again if anyone knows a good way to keep this under control I would love to hear those tips!!! Having diabetes is a day by day journey but I love sharing even the hard times because it can only help me get better and stronger with all of your support.fontcandy

Below is my Youtube video attached, once again please please please head over to my channel by clicking here and hit the SUBSCRIBE button to get an even closer look at Roo Roo’s World! I am new to Youtube but so far I am loving it and I want to keep reaching out and being helpful in any way that I can. Also if you have any questions you would like answered please comment them below or send straight to my email which can be found on my Contact Me page.

As always my dolls, until next time and enjoy! xoxo Roo

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