All About Teami Blends!

Hey, dolls! So today I am letting you all in on a little secret, I am about of the Teami Blends Loyalty Program my job is to spread the word about all their amazing products! If you are interested in joining please click here, you totally should join you will not be disappointed! Well it just so happens it would be perfect timing,  we are having a Pre- Black Friday sale and of course, I want all my fantastic readers to get first dibs on the good stuff.

So I can let you in on the exciting sale we have going on starting 11/17 until 11/23! I know I am a bit late with posting but fear not dear reader the promotion continues on! I am here to tell you you can get 20% off any order $49.99 or up, that’s right 20% off using code MarissaDolaPBF20. Once again I highly recommend you to make a purchase, especially my fellow diabetics this stuff really helps with sugar levels like you wouldn’t believe, I simply swear by it! As always my loves feel free to ask any questions you may have and happy shopping! xoxo Roo

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