Social Media Fitness Inspo

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Hey guys! So as you all know I am trying to get on the right track with my life, more importantly, my health. I am a big social media person, I am one of those annoying people who could sit on the phone all day every day. With that being said, I, of course, look through Instagram when I have some downtime and explore others pages. I have quite a few fitness inspos on there that I think I absolute goals!!! So I thought it would be a fun idea to share who those people are, why not give them a shout out they are awesome!

1.) Ashley Flores


Image result for ashley flores fit
Instagram- ashleyfloresfit Twitter- ashleyfloresfit


2.) Randi Kennedy


Image result for randi kennedy fitness
Instagram- randikennedy_ 


3.) Katie Corio



Image result for katie corio instagram
Instagram- cutekatiebug




3.) Brittany Renner 


Image result for brittany renner
Instagram- bundleofbrittany




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