It’s My Birthday! | Let’s Donate

Hey, dolls! So today just so happens to be my birthday, yes I am 24 and I couldn’t feel older. This birthday I want to take the time to spread even more awareness about Type 1 Diabetes and I would love for you all to take this time and donate! This I ask for my birthday wish just to continue to help those like myself gain a better chance of finding a cure, all you have to do is click here.

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For me, this birthday is extra weird because it is the first one with my Grandma. As I stated in one of my last post we lost her unfortunately in June of this year to Cancer. She was one of the most amazing people and it’s so strange to not hear her voice today singing me happy birthday like she normally would. I love and miss everything about her but I know today she would want me to enjoy myself, be safe and celebrate!

This next year I hope to continue to strive and do better in every aspect of my life and make this the best one yet! Thank you to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday love you guys xoxo Roo

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