Join Beyond Type 1!

Hey guys! So for those of you who do not know, there is a program called BeyondType1 and one of the co-founders just so happen to be Nick Jonas! I recently came across this site on Instagram and decided to join, I also downloaded the app which I highly encourage any other Diabetics to join as well! It is such a great app and community to be apart of, everyone there is very helpful, we all get to share not only personal stories but give one another tips.


It is nice I must say to have a place where others will not judge you because we all go through the same things. We welcome anyone and everyone so please click this link here.You will not be disappointed because like I said this community is amazing, also check out the site I linked above as well. The website is very very helpful, they have a Snail Mail program where you can become pen pals with other diabetics, there are links to diabetes camps, events that go on as well. As always until next time my dolls, xoxo Roo

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