Down with Diabetes |#5| New Endo!

Hey, dolls! So I am really excited to be writing this post because finally, I am actually excited about seeing my Endocrinologist. Before I get into detail all about my new and AMAZING doctor, let me briefly explain the original nightmare I had. I am not sure about anyone else but, my last endo was probably the worst I have ever experienced. I, of course, will not give out direct names but I will say this doctor did not know how to see me when I needed to be seen. He would constantly cancel an appointment, I only saw this imparticular doctor once, yes you heard that right ONCE!


Keep in mind this was also a new doctor for me with the same practice being my original doctor had left to go to anothe facility, which made me sad because he was truly so helpful and he actually started me on the Omnipod and at that time it was exactly what I needed so I was definitely sad to see him leave. Back to the nightmare though…. even the first and only time I saw him he was very silent for the most part and I did not find him helpful whatsoever.


My aunt being the angel that she is recommended me to her Endo, who happens to be A LOT closer than my last.  Forgot to mention I would travel almost an hour to my previous doctor just to be told he was not in…. as you can imagine I was one pissed off diabetic. My new doctor, however, is the best just after seeing her once so far she has been very very imformative and the steps that we are taking to get my illness under control I couldn’t be more excited to finally have a doctor I actually like but more improtantly she is very understanding.

Image result for dexcom cgm diabetes

I did express to her my wanting to try out the Dexcom CGM meter, I have seen so page Instagramers who blog about their diabetes as well, post picutres of their Dexcom and seeing how helpful it is, it even has an app on your phone so you can track it yourself is so cool to me! So, guys, I need you all to say your prayers I can get on it as soon as possible! I go back in 4 weeks to see her again so let’s also pray my AC1 level has gone down from a 10.5! I will be sharing frequent appointment updates as well I am really trying to stay on track for once so fingers crossed!

As always my loves, please please please feel free to comment, message, reach out via Instagram or Twitter. I love hearing any feedback so please share away, until next time dolls, xoxo Roo.

2 thoughts on “Down with Diabetes |#5| New Endo!

  1. I just recently started pump therapy with the T-slimX2 and the Dexcom G5. After 17 years of being a Type 1 diabetic and in thr same regimen that worked for me up until this past year. Then my body began going haywire and everything about my diabetes changed snd had some very scary moments. But since getting the Dexcom and the pump, things have calmed down some snd A1C has came down. Still learning how to use it all together and get where i need to be, but if you can get it I highly recommend it. Also the Dexcom now works with the T-slim pump and is the only pump approved for updates from home that are free as of now. If you can get the Dexcom, you definitely should. Sounds like ot would benefit you greatly. Glad you were able to get an endo that you like and listens snd respects what you have to say. Good luck with it all and best wishes on getting your illness under control and being healthier.


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