Down with Diabetes |# 3

Morning everyone! So I am back with yet another Down with Diabetes post and today I kind of want to get even more personal. I would like to finally discuss something with you all that I am sure many of my fellow diabetics will understand, that is about the time I became Diabulimic. For those that are not up to date about this struggle, as stated by, “Diabulimia is an eating disorder which may affect those with Type 1 Diabetes.  Diabulimia is the reduction of insulin intake to lose weight.  Diabulimia is considered a dual diagnosis disorder: where one has diabetes as well as an eating disorder.  While diabulimia is generally associated with the use of insulin, an individual with diabetes may also suffer from another eating disorder as well.”


My disorder began when I was a Junior in high school, I was not comfortable with my body at ALL! I thought back then that if you weren’t a size 4 or 6 you were automatically labeled as being too big or too fat. I however now looking back on it have never really been that big, do to being a curvy woman even at such a young age I didn’t know how to embrace those curves or appreciate them. Now being much older I know I am not fat I am simply what they call thick. At the age of 17, I had no idea just how serious this eating disorder could be or the amount of damage t could cause.

As I have stated in past posts, being a diabetic especially at my age is so hard, being a young woman at that is even harder. So try adding being a diabetic on top of everything else a lady has to live with, I would always tell my family they never understood what I went through or still don’t understand. At the time I wanted to stop taking care of myself, I wanted to be done with this difficult tasks such as taking my insulin or counting every single carb. The more weight I was losing the better I felt, but it wasn’t until recently I realized just how truly dangerous this disorder is.

I have always felt too big or too out of shape, but what outsiders don’t realize is Diabetes is no joke let alone not easy to deal with whatsoever. I use to hate when people would say they can only imagine what we go through, exactly you can only imagine, day in and day out we are overly tired or we become rude as hell simply because we may have given ourselves not enough insulin. Being much older today I can tell you that experience in my life was one of the worst if not the worst. I stand here today proud of who I am, how I look, how I am shaped but most importantly I have learned it’s better to actually take my insulin and count my carbs rather than causing myself to slip into DKA once again.

As always my dolls, please leave any question or comment below or on my Instagram I would love to hear if you have struggled with the same disorder as well. Until next time xoxo Roo!

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