Down with Diabetes | #2



Hey there guys! So everyone seems to really enjoy when I share my diabetes journey the most, which makes me so happy because you know it is very scary sharing such personal and at times difficult stories but I am so glad others are seeing my story and loving it so much so just want to say thank you for tuning in! So without further ado, let’s get into my recent update! So as of lately, I have been feeling my sugars go from so good to super low and the crazy thing is normally I would have some sort of reaction to a low sugar but I did not feel anything, I woke up feeling so normal.

For me when I have a low reading, I tend to feel super dizzy, my face turns even paler than it already is and as if I come off as being highly intoxicated as well. In recent mornings, I woke up this past Monday to a sugar level of 41 but felt as if my reading was 120. I immediately ran into the kitchen to find something that could bring my sugar right up, for me a glass of milk or OJ does the trick. This is probably just my personal opinion, I prefer to deal with lows than a high reading. It is difficult either way but I find it easier to find ways to raise my blood to the perfect amount instead of trying to keep it down to the perfect number all the time.

As an update from last week’s, I am still on the path to living a much better lifestyle and that has not changed. I will admit I am having a difficult time getting back into the gym, I have a membership and everything yet I never go which is quite pathetic at this point. Fear not I will get back into the swing of things in no time, sorry for not having the most exciting update but any bit of info helps. I also want to take the time to thank my fellow diabetics who have followed me back on Instagram, your stories have inspired me and I love seeing all of your daily updates as well, you are so brave and should be proud of your journey.

Hopefully next time I will have a bit more detailed post for you all but something is better than nothing right. As always my readers and fellow bloggers PLEASE PLEASE feel free to leave a comment below or comment on my Instagram post with your tips on tackling high or low sugars, until next time xoxo Roo.


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