Down with Diabetes | # 1

Hey guys! So as most of you know if you are a loyal reader, I am a type 1 diabetic. I am introducing a new segment I would like to call Down with Diabetes! This section of my blog will allow me to give my journey with this illness the special attention it deserves, but also allows you guys to know exactly what I am talking about. I thought it would be informative to share a bit of info I have on this issue even when it comes to having good and bad days with my sugars.

diabetes photo

I know I am not the only diabetic that often feels like crap or that no one else knows what we go through. I have to say the reason I chose to share my diabetes story is that the blogging community has expanded so much. Literally, I see thousands of diabetes bloggers daily on social media and it’s amazing to read other people’s daily struggles or stories. You all are amazing and so brave, definitely, helps me want to update my readers with how I am feeling or how my journey is going, every little detail could be useful and important for someone else to hear or see.

Today I have been feeling all kinds of yucky, that is the worst part about being a Diabetic well in my opinion at least. For me, I get that gross feeling of a sore stomach, very painful in my lower back, a very bad headache but yet also feeling very sluggish, no energy to do anything whatsoever. A few weeks ago I was in the hospital due to slipping into DKA and ever since I have tried my best to change my actions so I can avoid getting that sick again. My sugars have been AMAZING as of lately, constantly in the 100’s, it’s like a whole new Roo let me tell you.

I often feel like my body is still trying to get back to normal since it went through such shock over the last few weeks. I have continued to strive to do better in every aspect of my health.  I just wanted to share my thoughts on today because I don’t want this to get me down or stop me from continuing to do better, each day is different and can present new challenges but I try to remember tomorrow can always be better.

For any of my fellow diabetics reading this, if you have any tips you would like to give for a day like I am having to put me in better spirits please comment below or email me! I would love to hear what helps you out in times like this! As always until next time dolls, xoxo- Roo

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