I’m Back!

Hey guys, sorry I have been totally missing these past few months so much has gone on in my daily life but none the less I am back and ready to go! While I was away I have really had time to think of new things to share with you all and I can not wait to share the new content I have in store for you guys!

I am talking everything new and improved, I am back and better than ever, so much has changed in the last few months which you know means plenty of posts coming your way. First things first, speaking of changes let’s just discuss my recent idea, a lifestyle change. I am talking everything brand new, as of recently I experienced quite the health scare, for those that know I am a type 1 diabetic, which I can not wait to continuously share those personal experiences with you but for now here’s just a brief intro into what’s going on.

This past week I encountered a long hospital visit, which gave me some time to collect my thoughts and really think about what I was doing to damage my body and my well being in general. I got to take a step back and realize it is definitely time for a change and by that I  mean a lifestyle change! I am so excited and not going to lie a bit anxious about this new journey but I can’t wait for the end results.

Today marks Day 3 of my healthy living and I have to admit it feels pretty damn good. I love the feeling of having so much energy at all times and to not feel as sluggish is so amazing. My numbers (blood sugars) have been excellent and for me, that’s a HUGE step because if you know me well enough you know as of lately I have had nothing but such high blood sugars. Now, this is only the beginning so sorry that I don’t have any body changing pictures to share just yet but fear not those will be coming soon enough as I get back into the working out aspect of being healthy.

Please please please continue to check in for more of an update on my staying healthy and fit journey. I couldn’t be more excited to share my decision with everyone. not that everyone really cares but I always like to share any and every experience I go through because you never know who is reading and could be going through the same thing. Also don’t be afraid to continue to comment below or future post as I keep you guys updated! I always love hearing others advice or personal journeys.

Until next time, xoxo- Rissa

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