19 Summer Date Ideas

If you are like me and having trouble coming up with fun and cool new date ideas you’ve come to the right place! I love going on Pinterest for my loyal readers who know I am obsessed so of course when I’m feeling in the mood for a cute idea that is my go-to place to get a new one. I looked around and found such good choices that I want to say are my ideal or apart of my bucket list summer dates.

These a just a few of the many I found and of course I highly recommend anyone to give these a try!

1.) Paint balloon fight – instead of the usual water balloons this is a fun yet messy new twist

2.) Fair/ Carnival – two words FRIED OREOS

3.) Beach Day

4.) Drive-In Movie

5.) Bonfire/ s’mores night

6.) Day trip to a local/ nearby town

7.)  Go to a concert

8.) Music festival 

9.) Food truck festival – this is my favorite thing ever!!!!

10.) Camping or rent a cabin 

11.)  Go – Kart racing

12.) Plan a summer trip for 2

13.) Daytime picnic

14.) Movie marathon outdoors

15.) Road trip

16.) Skydiving

17.) Restaurant crawl – I am a big food person so my fellow foodies I recommend to try this!

18.) Golfing

19.) Museum trip

So now the next time you get stuck or have to change your plans here are a few to get you started, until next time xoxo

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