Why I Started…

Hey guys! So I recently started helping my sister Jalisa get into blogging, I had approached her months ago to give it a try because it’s worked so well for me! She is becoming a new mommy with her baby girl Aubree due in June, she finally decided she wanted to start her own mommy blog Raising Aubree LizΒ and I couldn’t be happier! When she came to me for help it got me thinking about exactly why I started blogging in the first place and I thought why not share that with you all!

For me I have found writing to be a source of relief, my place to vent or to speak about whatever I want to discuss. Creating this site has allowed me to become more outspoken and has helped break the shell I’ve been stuck in for so many years. For those who have known me forever, this is the place where you all can get to know me even better when I simply can’t find the words to say in person.

I am pretty shy when you first approach me in and for me to have this opportunity to really show myself and express those feelings I have kind of kept to myself is truly amazing! This blog was my way of sharing my unique life story with everyone, I have always felt like I have such an interesting story to share not only because there is others who may relate to being a young Diabetic but to also give those other shy people some hope to share their story as well. I always say I wish my life was filmed because aside from me my home life is very entertaining! The Roo Life was created to share my inner thoughts and personal stories, give advice to those who seek it but to also share my everyday tips whether it’s fashion or which TV shows I like to watch, I want to share it all!

I just wanted to give a big thank you to everyone who constantly tunes in or stops by to take a look at what I share on a daily basis you all are amazing! Also thank you to my fellow bloggers who inspire me with new ideas and just how creative and supportive everyone in this community is, I love it!

As always please keep tuning in for more and more daily posts! I love writing and for others to read my inner thoughts! Until next time my friends xoxo – Rissa


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