AYTO Season 5 Review

Hey guys! So I am actually very mad at myself for not doing a season long series or weekly recaps I should say of one of my all time favorite shows MTV’S Are You The One. The Finale and Reunion was just too good not to blog about it or the whole season for that matter, I couldn’t help myself! I wanted to use this post to share just a general summary on my thoughts on Season 5. For those of you who have no idea what this show is about let me fill you in. This show is about 20 singles, 10 guys 10 girls but this season it changed to 11 guys and 11 girls, who are looking to find love and their perfect match.

Also just in advance, these are my personal opinions on the show or events that occurred during, yes some of you may agree or disagree and that is fine. Again please respect these are my thoughts on the season and we are all entitled to our own thank you!

When being accepted on the show, they go through a series of personality test and from there their perfect match is found. They have no idea who their perfect matches are, so it’s their job to figure it out within 10 weeks! Each week there is a challenge, typically 2 or 3 winning couples of that challenge are nominated for the Truth Booth. Now this booth allows 1 couple each week to go in and determine if they are a perfect match or not. There is also a chance during the Match-Up ceremonies that they could black out and they lose money from their total money price. In all this show has been on since 2014, I can say I have been a viewer since day 1 and will continue to tune in, it’s even turned into AYTO Wednesdays at my house we’ve made a weekly thing of watching the show with friends.

Now let’s get right into it shall we, TONIGHT’S EPISODE WAS BANANAS! More like the whole entire season was absolutely insane, it was plot twist after plot twist! I’m just excited to share some of my personal favorite moments or situations that stood out to me throughout the season.

Fair warning if you have yet to watch the Finale…. SPOILER ALERT BELOW!



I can honestly as the episodes went on and trades were being accepted I was getting the feeling that this wasn’t going to end well for them. Don’t get me wrong I was definitely rooting for them! I have many favorite cast members this season and the continuous drama was definitely something to tune into each week. I wasn’t too confident  in the 3 wild card match ups that were left to switch around. Personally I felt that Hannah and Tyler were a match from the start, it was a gut feeling. I also feel as though you win and lose as a team in the end point blank period! It’s more so shocking but this is the first time in AYTO that a team as lost.

Final Match Up Seating:

  • Kathryn & Andre
  • Michael & Kari
  • Hayden & Carolina
  • Ozzy & Gianna
  •  Mike & Alicia
  • Joey & Hannah
  • Osvaldo & Taylor
  • Tyler & Cassandra
  • Derrick & Shannon
  • Kam & Eddie
  • Tyranny & Jaylan

Kam & Eddie


I called it from the first time I noticed their connection and the chemistry between them, no one could tell me they weren’t a perfect match! Out of all the matches I was definitely rooting for them more so after the show. I respect Kam so much she has been one of my favorites since the 1st episode and will continue to be. Plus she is a Jersey girl like myself so automatically she was a fav of mine!  I love how she carried herself throughout the show but even now a days when the show is over and I am also all for empowering other women! In the end some people are simply lessons and as tough as it is we learn to accept that. You should all check out her YouTube Channel, lots of tea has been spilled and I love what she stands for!

New Twist- The Trade !

Now I know for those of you who haven’t tuned into the show have no idea what I mean by the trade. Well it’s when a couple gets sent into the truth booth to see if they are a perfect match or not, while the rest of the house can either vote to see if they are a perfect match or gain $150,000 and not see the result of the truth booth. In the episode 9 & 10, the team chose to accept the trade therefore neither couple that was chosen for the Booth could see what the results were and ultimately stacking up their total prize. I personally did not care for this new twist what so ever, it was quiet confusing to be honest, but I can deny it definitely shook things up!



Now I am not one to condone violence but I have to admit I felt like she had it coming. I already excepted majority of the drama at this reunion to include Alicia. Don’t get me wrong I know it’s not fair when people gang up on others but I totally agree with having respect enough to be a decent friend and be honest. From the moment her night with Eddie was shown I think that’s when majority of the I Hate Alicia campaigns were created.

These have to be the main topics for me that stood out, of course I enjoyed many other couples such as #TAYDRE how could you not love them, they’re so adorable!!!

Overall I really enjoyed this season, yes I know they did not win but every week there was always something new going on, new hook ups, new connection and new drama! Definitely cannot wait for Season 6 and the upcoming AYTO: Second Chances premiering March 22nd at 9/8c.

As always thank you for taking the time to read each post I share, this was my first ever recap post and I can not wait to do more for the upcoming All-Star season! Till next time xoxo!


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