Jam$ of the Week |# 2

Hey guys! I am back with a new post for my playlist or favorite songs of the week. Now I must warn you this playlist is different from the last one I shared, this one has all different kinds of songs some new ones some old but none the less definitely worth giving a listen!

1.)  End of Time- Beyonce

I must confess half of my iTunes consist of Beyonce, I mean how could you not love her music, old or new her music will always be on my playlist!

2.) Still Into You- Paramore

I told you my selection of songs is all over the place but you can never go wrong with a good Paramore song that’s for sure!

3.) 24K Magic- Bruno Mars

I could listen to this song any day of the week and instantly be put in a good mood! My friend Mariah and I absolutely love this song and it’s definitely replayed in the car many times!

4.) Make Me (Cry)- Noah Cyrus ft. Labrinth

My sister Tori actually got me hooked on this song, when I first heard it not gonna lie I was not a fan but it definitely grew on me and now I can’t get it out of my head !

5.) Country Girl (Shake It for Me)- Luke Bryan

Anyone who knows me well knows I am obsessed with all things Luke Bryan! This is one of my go to songs let alone song for the summer!

Sorry for such a short post today guys, that is it for this weeks playlist wrap up but please stay tuned for many new posts coming your way this week and enjoy my favorite songs! Till next time xoxo !


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