Jam$ of the Week | Throwback Edition

Hey guys! So whenever I have free time outside of work or my family and friends just a simple moment alone, I love to put my headphones in and just have some quiet time. I felt like I wanted to start sharing my weekly playlist with you all. Maybe it will give you more songs to listen to or hopefully pass along any songs you may think I would like!

1.)  Ride wit Me – Nelly

I know you’re probably thinking why is this girl still listening to this song but I love any early 2000’s songs and of course how can you not love Nelly! I love blasting this in the car puts me in such a good mood and I actually know all the words, definitely recommend this for a day you’re not feeling too hot.

2.) Don’t Wake Me Up- Chris Brown

I can always go for a good old Chris Brown song, I don’t care what anyone says his music and talent is always the best!

3.) It Wasn’t Me- Shaggy

Anyone who I send Snapchats to on a daily basis knows this has been my current jam this past week, always a turn the stereo up kinda moment when this song comes on.

4.) Damaged- Danity Kane

This is the ultimate fan girl throwback, Danity Kane will always be one of my favorites! I am a reality TV junkie and you know Making The Band was obviously a favorite of mine, this will always be one of the best girl power anthems!

So that is all for my first playlist this week! Hope you all enjoy xoxo


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