Becoming Finn | Part 1

Hey guys! So I have been into getting very personal lately when it comes to writing and sharing blog posts. I feel for me at least that is why I started my own blog to give you a look into my life, my daily routines, my family and friends, interests but also to share more and more for stories to be heard all over.


There is one story that I’ve been wanting to share and that would be about my little brother Finn. Now his story is truly beyond inspiring but more importantly it’s his and I’m so grateful he has allowed me to share such a unique story. For those of you who do not know him, he is a female to male Transgender. I know there is some people who are strongly against people like my brother or those also in the LGBT community and if you’re tuning in don’t bother commenting anything rude or negative because this is not the place for such words. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but such rude ones I’d rather you keep to yourself thank you in advance!

I wanted to continue to share his story with various post because I feel as though 1 is simply not enough. This post is more so an introduction so you can get to know Finn a bit more and get to understand why he felt this was his destiny.

As long as I can remember, Finn  was always the tom boy he was nothing like us other girls where we obsessed over which Bratz doll we wanted or which Spice Girl we wanted to be. He always wanted to do what the boys in the family were doing, play football, talk about video games just anything the boys were doing he wanted to join. His birth name was Sydney, she had the most beautiful long curly hair that I envied, my curls would never stayed as nice as hers. I feel like looking back on everything now, even way back when it was so obvious she wasn’t comfortable in her own skin, it’s like she knew all a long that she was meant to be someone else.

As the years went on we all kept questioning if she was interested in other females or simply she liked both genders. But no matter how many times we asked she always denied being anything other than straight. I think the hardest part about dealing with his transitioning has been the thought of Sydney being gone, this little girl I’ve known since she was 14 was simply gone. Once Finn hit the age of 15, he decided it was time to let us all know what was going on. I speak for us all when I say we truly had no words and not because we were disappointed or ashamed but because he’s been keeping all of this in for so long and all we’ve ever wanted to do was help him get through the tough times.

I think as a family we all immediately knew the first thing we had to do was to just be there for him in any way that we could be. Fast forwarding to today where we have all just been so accepting of who Finn is and to see the growth as far as him just being more like himself, seeing him feel more comfortable in his skin today then he was 2 years ago is the most amazing feeling. It’s so rewarding to see just how far being accepting and understanding can get you. As time went on Finn became more and more involved in transitioning, the hardest part I believe was revealing his true identity. He is currently on his T shots as he calls them, I sadly do not know much about how it affects him but that is why he will be guest posting later on in Part 2 to fill you in on his side of the journey.

I hope those of you reading this can just be understanding of those who go through the same struggle of finding themselves everyday. Their journey is far from easy but they shouldn’t have to hid who they are from anyone. We are all unique and beautiful in our own way and we shouldn’t knock somebody else for how they want to live. I know Finn is thankful to have a family like ours who have been nothing but the best in being by his side, it’s definitely not easy but to have support can make it better. Please stay tuned for the next post where Finn himself will be explaining his story! Until next time!


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