How I Met My Best Friend | Mariah

Hey guys! So recently I have really been itching for new blog ideas, being a frequent Pinterest user of course I searched on there for tips. I just so happened to find really good topics to discuss and I felt like it was time to get a bit more personal with you all. I got this idea from a list you can find on Thirteen Thoughts blog, I found this list to be so exciting and definitely caught my eye with unique topics.

So like many of us do, I just so happen to be lucky enough to have more than 1 best friend. I decided to make more than 1 post with this topic that way I can let you guys in on exactly how I met each of my best friends and just give you an insight on how much they each mean to me.To those reading this, some may find this topic to be a bit corny but for me I would be lost without each of my friends. They hold a special place in my heart because girlfriends are truly a necessity in life.

First shout out post is going to my soul sister Mariah, where do I even begin with how we met. Well the main thing I remember is not really caring for her in high school because I swore up and down she did not like me, she also thought that feeling was mutual. I would have never thought we would end up where we are today. High school for anyone can be very awkward let alone trying to maintain friendships at that age. Thankfully, later on in the school year we instantly became friends through someone we were both close to at the time, little did I know from that day on she would still be in my life after high school was long gone or better yet almost 7 years later! Even though sometimes we may want to kill each other, I would be lost without her and she knows she would miss me dearly.


I wish I had more of a exciting unique story on how we met but I can say the story of our friendship in general is one for the books or at least I think so. Since the day we met, we clicked instantly I like to think it’s because we are both crazy and both of us had an obsession with the Disney Movie Tangled. But beyond that she has proven to be the most loyal and caring person I know.

In recent years, more importantly this past year I would say our friendship grew more and more as time went on. Unfortunately due to Mariah going through just about the hardest time in her life, we ended up regaining that friendship we seemed to have lost before everything took a turn for the worst. For those that don’t know her I truly feel bad for you, I have never met anyone with such strength. The way she handles everything that comes her way is truly inspiring and I don’t even think she realizes her own strength. However we ended up becoming friends or as we say family, I am beyond grateful for my long lost sister. I can’t begin to explain how good it feels to have you apart of my family now and the fact that my parents treat you as their own really warms my heart. I wish she could see just how amazing, kind, giving, brave and beautiful she really is. If you’re reading this please know your friendship means the world to me, thank you for befriending this weirdo who harasses you everyday and pops in your room just across the hall to see if you’re awake. As much as I may become annoying or frustrating you have never given up on me and always want the best for me. Lucky for you you’re stuck with me forever and ever my Hello Kitty lover. Also don’t forget Nana is still and always will be my favorite person ever! But look at us now, we went from complete strangers, sort of enemies, best friends and now you’re my family.

To my readers, if you’re lucky enough to have more than one best friend of your own you know just how special each friend is. I got very lucky with the few I have but I love having such a small circle because my girls are definitely the best and for that I am very lucky, can’t wait to grow old with each of you when the men die off!


Lookout for more ” How I Met My Best Friend” stories, can’t wait for you all to learn about the rest of my fabulous group of girls! Until next time everyone!


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