E.C Planner Book Review

Hey guys! So for those who don’t know I am obsessed with planning organizing and keeping a consistent planner book. I have tried the big name brands of all planner books like Lily Pulitzer to be exact. Now I’ve recently taken interest in a certain brand by the name of Erin Condren, I was so excited to receive my package and so ready to just get started writing everything down and penciling in important dates all over again! It seriously feels like Christmas time all over again for me right now. I know I sound like such a nerd but there is plenty of other people who have a passion for organizing their daily schedule like myself. Due to the snowstorm we got yesterday, I had nothing to else to do but clean my room, watch plenty of old TV show marathons and of course patiently wait for my new planner to arrive! I kept double checking over and over again if my shipment would be delayed due to the storm secretly hoping nothing would go wrong with the delivery. Thankfully it arrived and quickly so of course I got started right way scheduling and jotting down anything I could think of so that was important.Not only is the planner to die for but the packaging was super cute as well!



Here’s a picture of what my super cute planner actually looks like:


Erin Condren Life Planner-$55


Now this was my first time adding on accessories to decorate my planner a bit more. I’ve always wanted to try out adding other items on or into my planner book just to see how it actually turns out. From what I always see on Instagram pages, yes I am a nerd and follow planner pages on Instagram, the way others organize every little thing really intrigued me so I decided to hop on the bandwagon.

Here’s some of the extra add on’s I purchased:


1.) Starter Pack Snap-In Productivity Dashboard -$4

2.) Colorful Dual- Tip Markers – $15

3.)Part of the Productivity Starter Pack-$22 ( For actual pack)


4.) Budget Book- $6

5.) Snap- In Monthly Bill Tracker Dashboard- $6

6.) Wellness Book-$6

I have to say so far my favorite accessory is the Monthly Bill Tracker. Mostly because I am horrible with budgeting and saving money let alone tracking what I spend on a daily basis. It has only been a day but this tool is already such a big help!

I also received extra complimentary stickers with inspiration quotes also a fun little post card:


I can’t wait to get further into organizing and working with this amazing planner! I definitely want to continue showing how I organize what with the tools I received as far as color coding and spacing out every little thing. Look forward to another planner post because I totally hooked on this trend! Also the prices I listed above are a part of their currently sale going on, as far as normal prices definitely check out the website. I hope you guys enjoy this quick planner book recap, definitely will be sharing more as I go along. Till next time!


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