OOTN | Velvet Trend

For those who truly know me I consider myself to be an old lady at heart, I absolutely love to just stay in my PJ’s all day or to be lazy when I am home from work rather than going out and painting the town red. However recently I decided to change things up a bit and finally went out for a change. I was so excited to get dolled up, have my hair done and just have a good time. Of course any woman knows when given plans that automatically gives you an excuse to go shopping! Everyone knows I definitely have an issue with spending my money very quickly especially on clothes. Enough about my life of being a grandma let’s get right to it, the outfit! I’ve always found Fashion Nova to be fabulous and trendy, I constantly see their clothes on various celebrity social media pages and couldn’t help but see what the excitement was all about. Immediately I knew I wanted to wear a dress hands down and knew exactly which kind of dress I wanted. I’m really into the Velvet trend that has been going on lately, being a woman with curves I’ve noticed for figures like mine that material does wonders!

Here is a side by side of how the dress turned out in person and how it’s shown online:

14565002_244850542623516_1402764077247234048_n1     fashion_nova_12-12-16-169_grande

Dress: Affair of the Heart – Black- $32.99

The back of the dress:


As for the shoes, I purchased those gorgeous boots on a site I’ve never used before. After constantly looking for black thigh high boots that would actually fit my big feet, I was so excited to find a site that carried my size. I am now obsessed with Zooshoo  the boots I received are beyond comfy and totally work with my rather large shoe size, I’m officially hooked!

Here’s a close up picture from Zooshoo:


Shoes: BUFFY KNEE HIGH BOOT- Black- $49

Hope you guys enjoyed my brief outfit recap, this outfit choice was a success, cute and simple but gives quite the statement, definitely will be jumping on the Velvet train more often, so fun and comfortable. I also highly recommend both of these websites I used which are linked above, definitely check them out you won’t be disappointed !

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