Winter 2017 Shows I’ll Be Watching

Hey everyone! My obsession with watching too much TV is at an all time high right now, so I thought I’d fill you in on my current fav shows that are on air right now. For those who know me well know I have a serious issue with Reality Shows, I kid you not it’s a mess. I’ve probably watched majority that have been aired but I can’t help it I’m a sucker for a good fight between one of the Real Housewives or more importantly the drama that happens on the never ending list of dating shows we see each week. I thought it was only right to fair warn you guys before you saw my endless list of reality shows. Again these are just my personal favorites as of right now so don’t mind my judgement.

1.) Vanderpump Rules


GENRE: Reality

I have been hooked since Season 1 and I still cannot get enough of this show! If you aren’t familiar with this show it’s a spin off from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills following the lives of the young and thriving staff of SUR the restaurant of Real Housewives star Lisa Vanderpump.

WHAT’S TO LOVE: Come on who doesn’t love a good bitch slap or two! Plus the endless amount of drama between these friends keeps things ever so interesting and leaves you wanting more and more. From juicy hook ups amongst friends to lavish birthday trips I can’t get enough of this one!

2.) Total Divas


GENRE: Reality

This has been one of my favorites for awhile now! Total Divas gives you a glimpse of what goes on in these wrestlers lives beyond the wrestling ring. I’ve been a fan of the WWE since way back when the company still went by WWF. I always thought what you saw on TV was actually happening in their real lives but boy was I wrong. Now I’m just hooked with each season E! allows, I must say the Bella Twins are my fav Brie is my spirit animal.

WHAT’S TO LOVE: If you’re like me and always down for a good laugh I suggest you tune in ! There’s so much more to all of these women that we’ve had no idea about until they started sharing their private lives with us.

3.) Modern Family


GENRE: Comedy

Everyone has either seen or heard of this show I mean come on from the moment you press play on your DVR recording there’s non stop laughter. If you don’t know it’s a show that follows the lives of the Pritchett family, from the father Jay  down to granddaughter Lily. There is never a dull moment with this uniquely blended family and I highly suggest tuning in whether it’s starting fresh binge watching on Netflix or even current episodes airing now.

WHAT TO LOVE: I can give you one character you’ll instantly fall in love with Phil Dunphy! Absolutely hilarious from the moment he open his mouth my stomach hurts from laughing so hard. Oh and of course my girl SofΓ­a Vergara will always keep you laughing ! Definitely need to tune in more often, this show gives the Brady Bunch a run for their money.

4.) The Bachelor


GENRE: Romance

I know I know I’m just a typical female who obsesses over the AMAZING trips, perfect dates and can we just talk about The Bachelor himself ! For those who may not know what this show is all about, normally a former contestant from the previous season becomes the next Bachelor or Bachelorette, getting a chance to have their very own journey at love. The ever so famous roses, during each Rose Ceremony each man or woman is given a rose if their name is called meaning they’re safe from going home that ceremony.

WHAT’S TO LOVE: Well this season… Nick, Nick and more NICK! Finally he is getting a chance to go on his very own journey after not having much luck on previous seasons. If you’re a sucker for a gushy romantic love story then I definitely recommend you tune in. If you’re anything like me and a tad bit corny then you’ll love it as much as I do!

5.) Girlfriends Guide to Divorce


GENRE: Comedy 

I myself am new to this series, I’ve caught it a few times while my mom has tuned in but it never stuck. I’ve been looking for more shows to watch and while this isn’t on my list of reality shows maybe an actual scripted show will do me some good. As quoted by Bravo “This series revolves around Abby McCarthy, a self-help author who finds solace in new friends and adventures as she faces an impending divorce.”

WHAT’S TO LOVE: Well if you’re currently going through the same struggle as Abby then give it a try! I myself am definitely considering binge watching the series from the beginning.


So far my list of shows is cut short unfortunately but I definitely will update you all on my opinions of a few or all of them as I tune in more and more. Feel free to give your own feedback on shows I’m missing out on or the ones listed above, I could always use more shows to obsess over!

Until next time xoxo, img_0812



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