•It’s Christmas Time!•

Christmas is almost upon us ! As I am always into the spirit of the holidays, one of my favorite traditions is watching ABC Family Christmas movies all month long ! My favorite ones always come on right after Thanksgivng such as Snowglobe , Santa Baby 1 & 2 and last but not least Holiday in Handcuffs. If you’ve never seen I definitely recommend all four of these films to watch. Trust me you won’t be disappointed. Of course I can’t forget How The Grinch Stole Christmas which I just so happen to watch even outside of the holiday season, a tad bit obsessed I guess you could say ! Oh and A Christmas Kiss on Netflix … Last year my aunt nan , cousins in Arizona and I decided to watch it randomly to be funny and while it was rather corny , I have to admit it was actually kinda adorable. We have our obsession with Christmas movie marathons , runs in the family. I would love to hear about any other holiday movies anyone recommends please comment with any good suggestions  , could always use a new favorite , nothing better then sitting on the couch all day and being lazy ! In love with the holiday season 😍🌲❄️

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