•First Post•

So excited to start my own page! I’ve always been interested in writing and someone close to me gave me the idea to start my own blog! More than excited to make a continuous post and get feedback on what you want to see more of. I want to share my favorites things that others may also like and my personal stories that can hopefully inspire a reader who is also struggling with a similar issue or close to it. I can not wait to share more and more of the simple things that catch my interest, make me the happiest and a glimpse at me I was always too shy to share with anyone so having this site allows me to really be free and just be myself which is scary but very exciting at the same time ! I was born in the fall so my love for all things that fall more importantly fall fashion is very strong. I can’t wait to get more into food. I’m a huge foodie I’m not picky at all when it comes to trying different types. Fair warning me and my family are a bit different but that makes us very entertaining and hilarious. I always say I wish everyone else could see how we are because it’s something very special and unique. So stick around and enjoy my stories as I share 💕

PS : YouTube channel coming soon!


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