•About Roo•



Hi my name is Marissa Dolan- hope you enjoy my crazy sense of style  – love for Harry Potter – obsession with trying new foods- love for love & being a little more up close and personal into my every day  – I am 24 years old, a Scorpio, born and raised in New Jersey, currently going to school for a degree in Writing, I am also a Type 1 Diabetic. I want this blog to help give back to those who struggle as well with this insane illness or for those who would just like to learn more for themselves or loved ones. Here you can get a better understanding of what it’s been like for me and my experiences with my diabetes journey, you will also learn more about me as a person, from what TV shows I’m currently obsessed with to which shade of Kylie Lip Kits I prefer to wear. Hopefully, I can help all of you that join in get some clarity and leave knowing you most definitely are not alone in this battle. My goal is to also allow you to get to know me well enough to where it’s as if we have been besties for years. Always come here when you need a little advice to get you through your day or to read one of my stories you can relate to. Please enjoy & have fun xoxo

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